Know your numbers to make money as an affiliate marketer

But know your numbers to make more profits…

Smart and savvy entrepreneurs all throughout history have understood the importance of “knowing your numbers” when it comes to business mastery. And while hammering the essentials and foundational elements of getting all of your numbers right – and knowing exactly what they are – has always been important in commerce, it's become absolutely mission-critical thanks to the competitive business environment we currently live in.

With everyone and anyone able to start their own online business with little more than a laptop, Internet connection, and dream, you're going to face the stiffest business competition in human history. Unless you know all of your numbers – as they come rolling in – you're going to be losing money to those who are tracking essential details more effectively than you are.

Luckily, with tools like, this shouldn't be a problem in any way, shape, or form – but here are just a handful of the essentials you'll want to pay close attention to.

Understand where the majority of your “profitable” traffic is coming from

There's a major difference between understanding where the majority of your traffic is coming from, and where the majority of your PROFITABLE traffic is coming from.

Pushing hundreds of thousands of people to a web site and only converting a small fraction of them is less beneficial to your business than pushing just a few hundred people to your web site and converting the overwhelming majority of them. This is something that your analytics will tell you right off the bat, giving you inside information about where to focus the majority of your efforts when it comes to traffic generation.

Split testing is the king of all marketing tactics

split testing for affiliate marketing

While there are all kinds of different tactics du jour out there in regards to online marketing, split testing is the undisputed King of the Ring. Smart and savvy business owners have learned that their specific and personal opinions about marketing pieces, advertising pieces, and other tools and tactics designed to sell products and services have almost no bearing whatsoever on what becomes profitable.

Without proper split testing capabilities – of your the different landing pages, headlines, email promotions, and other marketing tactics – you'll never know if you're leaving money on the table. Split test absolutely everything – yes, absolutely everything – with the help of tools like

As you can see, data has become critical in running an online (and offline) business. Without instant access to your “numbers”, you're going to be crushed by someone watching these figures a little bit more closely. With the rate of technology giving you instant access to these details (through tools like, there is no reason that you shouldn't be leveraging them at every opportunity – creating your own online or off-line empire in the process.

We have an amazing opportunity for the first time in human history here, where all of the barriers to commerce have been obliterated.

Don't squander this chance – unlock the numbers, find new ways to optimize them, and create the business (lifestyle) of your dreams.

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