5 Surprisingly Simple Tricks to Hijack Social Media Traffic


Here Are Five Clever Ways to Get Social Media Users to Your Website:

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for a wide range of business tasks. One way that social media can help to boost your business, and increase awareness of your brand, is to drive traffic to your website.

Social Media

By posting messages on your social accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, you can entice other social media users to click on links to your website.

However, simply posting a link to your website is unlikely to provide much incentive for users to click through, which means that you need to use some tried and tested tricks to tempt social media users to your website.


Competitions and contests are always popular with social website users. Giving people the chance to win a free gift or cash prize is one of the best ways to encourage those users to click through to your website.

Competitions are also among the most frequently shared messages on social sites, which means that your message has a good chance of being shared with people who would not usually see your marketing messages.


Free gifts and samples are also popular with social media users. Some people dedicate hours every week to finding freebies, and then sharing their findings with other social users. Offering free gifts or special samples of your products is a simple, and often cost-effective, way to boost visitors to your website.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to sending out free samples, you could offer free downloads, such as e-books, fact sheets, info-graphics and printable charts.


Video content can be a powerful motivator to drive Facebook and Twitter users to your website. Instructional content, ‘how to’ videos and tutorials that are useful or entertaining can grab the interest of social media users, while also prompting them to share your content with their friends.

You can create a simple video at home, using your smartphone or an inexpensive digital recorder, and then upload it to your website.


Posing questions that will interest social media users is another great way of getting them to click through to your website. Try to come up with interesting questions that prompt people to click through to your website to find the answer.

Offering quirky facts or statistics, by first posing a simple question, is one of the best ways of capturing the attention of your target audience.

You can use a service like Google Alerts to keep an eye out for current research projects to see if there are any interesting results that you can use for your questions.


Offering discounts on your products or services can be a strong motivator to prompt users to click through to your website. Try to be specific when offering discounts, as this makes the offer more compelling.

For example, rather than using general terms like ‘price cuts’, offer discounts of specific amounts or percentages (e.g. ‘Save $10′ and ’25% off’).

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