Digital Nomads – Are Airlines Ripping You Off?


How to Avoid the Carry-On Apocalypse

Hey, Digital Nomads, be warned!

Over in the DNA forum, I recently touted the benefits of my small Bed/Stu and Lucas soft-sided luggage…but sometimes I use a 21″ hardshell spinner that I picked up on sale at Brookstone. Because I tend to fill the soft luggage to the bursting point! It takes discipline to hold the dimensions without bulging – and I’ve wound up checking soft bags because they didn’t fit smoothly into the baggage size checkers, and the gate agent wouldn’t let me jump on the bag to squeeze in.

You won’t have that problem with hard shell luggage (you’ll have different problems). I mention this because airlines are probably going to crack down on size compliance to get you check more baggage (and collect more fees).

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3 Clever Tricks to Supercharge Your Email Marketing With Aweber


Aweber is probably the most well-respected email marketing service around and for good reason.

Not only does it have amazing deliverability rates but it also has a wealth of really advanced options that make it possible to do some amazing things with your list and messages.

email marketing concept

Here are just a few that you may want to try for yourself:


This is great for those of you with more than one email list. With
this kind of situation there is a good chance that you will have
people who are signed up to more than one of your lists. This would
mean an email blast you send out to all your lists will give these
people multiple copies and this can be a very bad thing.

To remedy this, use the Include/Exclude boxes to choose which lists you want
to include in the broadcast and which you want to exclude by ticking the boxes.


Let’s pretend you’ve sold 50 copies of a $100 product to List A of
1000 subscribers. You then decide to run a last-minute promotion to
squeeze out some more sales by offering a sharp discount of 25%. So
now you need to send out a new email offering the product at $75 –
the only problem is, that will piss off your pre-existing buyers
who bought at full price.

The way around this is to add all the full price buyer’s email addresses
to your ‘suppression list’ and this will prevent them from receiving the new discounted email.

Behavioral Targeting:

To do this correctly, the first thing you want to do is enable
Aweber Quickstats by clicking on the button called ‘Track Clicks?’.
This will give you a wealth of information about your email blast
such as who opened it, who didn’t, who clicked links and who bought
stuff. Then with this information you can segment these different
people and send messages tailored specifically to them.

The most obvious way to use this is to send a message to the people who
didn’t open with a subject line like: “I see you missed out on the
last email, here’s another chance…”. Also, for the people who
didn’t buy a product you offered, you could send an email asking
for feedback on why they didn’t buy.

This can be a powerful way to get really valuable information for improving your offer, sales funnel, copy or product.

Implement these tips in your campaigns and watch great things happen.