How to Spread Your Message Like a Bad Cold



65% of the world’s population is made up of visual learners..


According to the Social Science Research Network, most of us process information based on what we see.

My bet is that on social media that percentage jumps closer to 100%. Forbes noted that we enjoy sharing ideas – especially when there’s a video or a photograph or drawing involved.

The bottom line for getting your message to spread virally is to add more visual content to your blog posts, Facebook status and tweets.

One graphic sneeze will result in:

  • More shares
  • More traffic
  • Greater engagement



Digital Nomads – Are Airlines Ripping You Off?


How to Avoid the Carry-On Apocalypse

Hey, Digital Nomads, be warned!

Over in the DNA forum, I recently touted the benefits of my small Bed/Stu and Lucas soft-sided luggage…but sometimes I use a 21″ hardshell spinner that I picked up on sale at Brookstone. Because I tend to fill the soft luggage to the bursting point! It takes discipline to hold the dimensions without bulging – and I’ve wound up checking soft bags because they didn’t fit smoothly into the baggage size checkers, and the gate agent wouldn’t let me jump on the bag to squeeze in.

You won’t have that problem with hard shell luggage (you’ll have different problems). I mention this because airlines are probably going to crack down on size compliance to get you check more baggage (and collect more fees).

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